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entered and when. >> reporter: a man was arrested saturday, and another man on december 27 in oakland and the day before that another man was arrested while already in custody for a burglary charge. another man was the first suspect arrested december 18. police still can't discuss any possible relationships between the suspects or with the victim and details about the killing. >> we don't believe we have all the suspects. >> reporter: investigators believe the home invasion was not a random act. even with suspects outstanding there is no risk to the community. >> the police did an outstanding job on this. it was an isolated incident. that is the most important thing. >> reporter: police couldn't discuss the backgrounds of the people in custody and anyone with information about the suspects contact investigators. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> officials released the identity of a man's body found floating in the water saturday. the body of richard rice was spotted after 9:00 a.m. saturday morning. police are not sure how he died. anyone with information is asked to contact the
caught fire after he lit a candle to stay warm. in oakland, black ice blamed for spin outs, causing police to shut down the street. news chopper 2 over the area this morning. >> reporter: and back here, the ice rink wrapped up one of its busiest seasons ever thanks to the cold temperatures. a few groups will practice this week before a private event on saturday closes out the season. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> rosemary orozco is here now with the freeze concerns. it is cold. >> it will be another frosty night across the bay area. bring in the pets. be prepared. temperatures are tumbling. napa 36 degrees already. napa warmed into the 50s earlier. clear skies. light winds aand that is a recipe for old -- and that is a recipe for cold over night weathers. tomorrow morning till 9:00 a.m., we have a frost advisory. widespread low 30s. purple indicating 20s. mid-20s. upper 20s. valley locations, north, east, south bay, a look at the handful of temperatures, 25 degrees in petaluma. 27 in walnut creak. 20s napa, livermore. 30s oakland and 40 in san francisco. tonight will be one of
. it was oikos university last year. >> we also had in 2009 four oakland police officers shot down. we never talk about that when we talk about the need for gun control. >> reporter: one debate, do we need more gun laws in california? >> we have the most gun controls of any state. >> reporter: another debate should current laws be refined. this gun as has a so-called bullet button. >> like i said, that gun today can be purchased in california. it's a major loophole in our assault weapons ban. >> reporter: california has a database of more than 19,000 people who have guns but are prohibited from owning them. those guns are not being seized due to a lack of resources. >> a $20 million a year investment in getting guns out of the hands of prohibited persons would be a very wise and worthy investment. >> reporter: a bill would regulation ammunition in part by reporting sales to the department of justice. >> bullets are what makes guns deadly. bullets should not be easy to buy. >> reporter: lawmakers are working on bills. >> everything that's being proposed now will be a violation of the second amendm
news. a fire that is burning in downtown oakland. these are live pictures of that fire. it is burning at 6th and harrison street. we believe that the fire may have started in an abandoned victorian home on harrison street. this is right next to 880, the freeway. it is also on the same road that the posey tube comes out of. this could be causing some problems in the posey tube. it also could be causing folks to slow down on 880. these are pictures from earlier. you can see a lot of smoke. the fire initially started as a one-alarm fire but quickly went to two alarms when it broke out probably 30 to 45 minutes ago. christian is on the scene. christian, what can you tell us? >> reporter: frank, we just arrived here about ten minutes ago. let's give you a look. you can see flames still on top of this building. it is very much like what you described. it appears to be an abandoned building at harrison. traffic is shut down on harrison and on 7th street here. firefighters and police are routeing people around it. 880, as you said, looks like there is slowing traffic as people approach the sc
where the chief wants to install some new cameras. >> reporter: head north hit oakland, head in the other direction drive deeping into piedmont and in the not so distant future here in piedmont cameras will be installed that will record your license plate. this is the case of location for some. >> piedmont tends to be a very affluent area it's going to be one of those cases that will get targeted. >> reporter: piedmont's recent home invasions made nervous so the idea of cameras like the one mounted on this squad car placed along piedmont city limits doesn't bother her. >> it might deter it some. i don't think that it's going to get rid of it completely. >> reporter: she doesn't think of the cameras as big brother either. neither does the city's new police chief who was sworn into office on tuesday. >> that is a good investigative tool. if we can get it to be able to have that would make a big difference in being able to solve crimes. >> reporter: the new chief says the department has already contacted a vendor and is waiting for an estimate on cost. the city would need nearly
weather has returned to the bay area and late this afternoon in downtown oakland, this is what it looked like. mark tamayo is here with a look at where the rain is falling at this moment. mark? >> jana, the first rain of 2013, and the rainfall has been picking up over the past couple of hours across parts of the bay area. live storm tracker 2 shows you the current pattern. there's a live doppler sweep showing you the rainfall out there. up towards santa rosa, parts of the north bay, steady to moderate to heavy rain, especially with darker shades of green towards santa rosa and moving into parts of napa county as well, around glenn ellen, sonoma. closer to san francisco and oakland, the rainfall rates have been picking up here, especially across the bay bridge. challenge driving across the bay bridge right now. toward the inlet east bay, concord, danville, danville area, rainfall has been picking up out toward oakland and lafayette. and the south bay, san jose reporting light rain, santa cruz mountains around highway 17. rainfall will continue to pick up heading into the evening hours. co
yesterday. she needs more time to come up with a permanent replacement. >>> oakland residents and activists are crowding the city council chambers in protest over the latest policing plan. john sasaki is there live. >> reporter: they are facing vocal opposition from critic of a plan to bring in william bratton. they think spending $250,000 to hire former los angeles police chief and new york police commissioner william bratton is a waste of money. bratton is attractive to city officials because of the expertise. some of his past policies are considered overzealous. even unconstitutional including stop and terrific. after a deadly 2012 with 126 homicides though, city officials say something needs to be done. >> there's no proof that gang conjunctions work. there's no proof that youth curfews work. >> it's about management. jordan needs to go. william bratton needs to go. and we need to go up and line the doors of opd. >> let me say this. he is one of the most profound experts in policing in america. we're fortunate to have a relationship with him. i support him being here. >> we're all over
handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we have developing news out of oakland, sheriff's deputies arrested three people after a chase and crash. sheriff's deputies were in pursuit of a white suv. the suv driver lost control and hit three other vehicles. several people were injured but the good news is nobody was sent to the hospital. authorities say three people were in the vehicle and they all fled. two were found. the reason for the chase has not been released. >>> train hit a pedestrian walking today in oakland. the 65-year-old man was struck and taken to the hospital but authorities haven't released his condition. the man was walking close to had tracks and when the train approach it clipped him. the train was boun for san jose. -- bound for san jose. it caused delays as officials investigated. >>> police are trying to locate a suspect in a robbery. investigators say he is still on the loose. they say he and three others were armed with guns when they robbed a store in may. one of the suspects was shot and killed during the robbery. he is from hayward but police say he may have ties to
opd would not say specifically how many weapons were recovered. live in oakland, allie rasmus. >>> also in oakland the city council is expected to decide whether to approve a consulting contract tonight for former los angeles police chief william bratton. this is a live look inside the meeting at city council chambers. we have just learned that the meeting room is filled to capacity and is also running a little late because they're trying to figure out where to put this overflow crowd. outside demonstrators have also gathered. it could be very contentious tonight. we do have a reporter there and we'll have full coverage this evening on the 10:00 news. >>> gunfire broke out this weekend at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station in san leandro. killing one man and wounding one woman. we talked to some of the victim's family members the message they have for police investigating the case. >>> san jose police say they are looking for two to three men who pulled off a brazen home invasion robbery of an elderly couple. armed men broke into the couple's home on brethart drive just before 7:0
editor john fowler is in oakland where the police chief rushed to the scene after the shots were fired. john? >> reporter: that's right. 3-1/2 hours now and still no suspects. no motive. 2:25 p.m. this afternoon, an 8-year-old girl was near this suv in the driveway. police say gunman spraid bullets at young men who were in the area. the girl was the only one hit. an hour later an angry chief came to the scene. >> i will be coming out to these scenes more often because i am also requiring my command officers when they -- when they -- when we have these types of incidents that when we go policing this is their responsibility, be out here and show their concern and their support for this community who are, as you know, a frightening incident happened today. we are taking this very seriously. >> reporter: this is the area scene from chopper 2. the chief walked the neighborhood aspeaking with residents. he is -- speaking with residents. the young girl was shot in the leg. it is a flesh wound. still, she is 8 years old. amber lee will have more details tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. health
six years ago. >>> oakland mayor jean quan today wrote an open letter to the city council in support of the police advisor bill bratton. quan said bratton would focus on improving the department's compstat system which tracks crime data and trends. bratton is one of the suspect's inventors which quan said makes him uniquely suited to help perfect it. quan addressed concerns over a possible stop and frisk program saying racial profiling will not be tolerated in the oakland police department, period. >>> the san francisco 49ers are due to arrive in atlanta in a few hours as they get ready for game that could send them to the super bowl. earlier today at the santa clara training facility the team boarded buses headed to the international airport. there wasn't a public sendoff, but that did not stop this die hard fan who brought his video camera and tamed the athletes through a tiny gap -- taped the athletes through a tiny gap in a fence. >>> the championship game is luring some faithful 49er fans to atlanta but not all of them. ktvu's paul chambers is live at the airport with the challe
in oakland. hospital staff spotted the leak and quickly responded. alex. >> a short time ago, a spoeks man told me owe a-shay will be -- osha will be investigating the response to the leak. todaywe talked to workers who's job was to sterilize instruments used fsh surgery and they told me there was sewage raining down on them. >> photos provided to ktvu shows sewage dripping from the ceiling. >> staff members in the sterile processing unit took precautions covering up tables of instruments. >> that's not something you want in a sterile environment. >> a little drip and then it got to be like it was raining inside the department combl technician e vet howard and her co-workers notified a-their managers and then evacuated the unit. >> we kicked into crisis mode and our staff, our sterile processing staff did everything that we could do to help contain the situation. >> the hospital issued what's called a code dry meaning no one was allowed to use tap water for several l hours. dr. steven o' bryan told me today that several elective surgeries had to be cancelled but he says there was no
on new year's day. >>> oakland police tonight are looking for a one away 15-year- old. i want to show you a picture of charles anderson. his mother and stepfather says charles left his home sunday afternoon after they argued about him going to see a friend. he turned 15 on new year's day but he is big for his age. 5'11" and 250 pounds. he also has the mental capacity of an 11-year-old. >> i just want him to know i'm not mad at him. call me, come home. everything will be perfectly fine. >> his mother says she has checked with friends and family and he's not with them. she's worried that he may be trying to get to atlanta where his father lives. >>> continuing coverage on that oil tanker that sideswiped the golden gate bridge. we have now learned that captain guy kleess was guiding the tanker. kleess had 15 hours off duty. he now has 1,100 trips in the bay. bar pilots have seven days on seven off and earn over $250,000 a year. >>> today investigators boarded the overseas raymar which is still anchored in the bay. investigators are conducting interviews including the bar pilot. they're also
in berkeley and another in oakland are also fixed tonight. the breaks were not weather related. >>> san francisco allowed people to park at most meters on sunday for free but those days are over. this sunday people will have to start pumping money into meters. ktvu's rob roth is in san francisco. some people think this will drive away business? >> reporter: right, frank. starting sunday, officers will be out looking for expired meters. and many people say they don't like it. >> not fun. >> no fun putting meters on sunday, especially for this mother. >> we have to drive from san jose here to the studio on sundays for the class. >> san francisco will begin enforcing parking meters beginning sunday from noon to 6:00 p.m. it cost drivers $2.50 an hour to park. eliminating free sunday parking is expected to bring in $2 million a year. >> most businesses were closed, now they are open so it makes sense to have it in place. >> reporter: churchgoers are not happy. >> imagine the person who comes to serve at the soup kitchen volunteering, now has to put money in the meter to serve. >> reporter:
people who were wrongfully foreclosed on could receive money. >>> city hall in oakland. >> i will perform the duties of counsel members for your districts. [ cheers and applause ] >> three new city counsel members were sworn in today and for the city attorney and for board of education director. jean quan praised them for making oakland a progressive green city. >> he is raffling off two tickets to president obama's inauguration ceremony in washington, d.c. it is on his website and only applies to people in his district. >>> another winter spare the air day for tomorrow. the areas under a dense fog advisory and which part of the week will have temperatures in the 20s. >> prepping for the packers. >> we live for this moment. do or die. >> what he says the 49ers must do to win. >> plus the quest to find more victims of the "speed freak killers." the agency taking charge and why it only plans to dig 5 feet a day. >>> officials say a pilot and passenger walked away today from this landing. it happened about 10:15 a.m. this morning at san carlos airport. the faa says it rolled off the runway a
police say they rescued an oakland woman who said she was kidnapped and forced into prostitution. investigators tell "the times herald" they were called on a report of a man brandishing a weapon at 4:30 a.m. this morning. they followed the suspect to a home on kentucky street. the victim was inside that home. she said she had been held there for several days. police arrested 31-year-old james thomas and his girlfriend xavier laney, 20 years -- 20 years old. >>> firefighters put out a fire in crisis park. fire official says at one point, the flames were two stories were high. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> new developments on the sexual assault allegation against michael crabtree. in a statement today, crabtree's attorney said his client was interviewed by san francisco police and said that "michael fully cooperated with the inspectors and will continue to do so throughout the investigation." the 25-year-old is accused of assaulting a woman at an unnamed san francisco hotel last sunday morning after the 49ers' playoff victory over the packers. >
and calming conditions, those winds beginning to lighten up. napa reporting a 9 miles per hour breeze, oakland 9, s f oh 10, mountain view 8 w. the chilly temperatures already being felt, any little bit of wind will actually trigger that windchill. so 45 in napa but with a light breeze it probably feels more like 39. 45 in concord, 44 in livermore, widespread 40s to near 50 in and around san francisco. oakland, san jose reporting 49. this is just the beginning. sunset just an hour ago. we will continue to cool into the overnight hours. patchy frost expected tonight. freezing temperatures. by 11:00 or so i expect mid-30s to near 40 degrees around the bay area. mostly sunny for tomorrow. we do have the frost advisory as well as the freeze warning for parts of the bay area until about 9:00. the afternoon, widespread 50s. we do have a spare the air day again for tomorrow. the our extended forecast going to be mainly dry. with the conditions in place, the clear skies, the very cold weather right at the surface, we get that inversion right over, and the warmer air on top of the colder air contribute
. >>> oakland police say they looked for seven wanted people today. they ran seven warrants. the people detained today had been warned if they didn't straighten up they would be arrested. >> we are going to use every effort, every legal means to bring you to justice and to end the violence. >> officers say they also confiscated several weapons including semi automatic weapons. >>> family of two oikos mass shooting victims filed lawsuits today. the families are seeking unspecified damages. this is the first litigation since that deadly shooting last april in which seven people were killed. >>> temperatures are dropping off rapidly this evening. for the second night in a row we have a freeze warning to tell you about. here is a look at the current numbers. if you can't see already for the 6:00 6:00 hour, we're talking about 43. here's a frost advisory, temperatures in the low to mid- 30s. this begins saturday morning 2:00 running until 8:00 saturday morning. but what's more concerning is this, that freeze warning reflecting temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s. so sub freezing for several h
and the creator of a moving mural in oakland using his art to move people and end violence. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> alex smith talks about the 49ers' quarterback. mark ibanez is up next. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t. jwwñ get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. [ traffic passing ] ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >>> scientists say a new treatment for repairing cat learn showing promises results. a jell is placed in the joint. it
showers. san jose live right now. if you are in san francisco, oakland, you are not -- you haven't seen anything. down here, it is a wet afternoon commute. the showers have been relegated to the valley and parts of the livermore valley. pinpointing that for you, you see it. this is an unusual system. it went by but now it is spinning the moisture back up at us. usually when systems go south they keep going, this stalled out. livermore, showers today. 10th of an inch of rain. this is moderate rainfall. fremont you are getting a break. but you had showers. milpitas. showers. and then we back it out to illustrate this line. this line has been steady all day. showers have been happening all day. nothing has been going on up here. into the evening, more showers. when i come back, i will toggle through tomorrow and into the bay area weekend, there is more showers possible towards the weekend as well. we will talk about that and the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. see you back here. >> follow our weather team 24 hours a day. updating on facebook, twitter and
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